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Twitter + TikTok = TwikTwok

Twitter + TikTok = TwikTwok

Swipe through the best videos from Twitter in a TikTok-like interface.

Twitter vids are amazing and underrated. TikTok has the best way to swiftly scroll through diverse, interesting video content. Combine them both and what do you have?

Twitter + TikTok = TwikTwok. Swipe through the best videos from Twitter in a fast, fun convenient way.

Check it out (no download needed)

Somebody posted my unfinished webapp to Hacker News after Trump threatened to ban TikTok in the U.S. It quickly went to the top of Hacker News and spread from there.

Featured in:

  1. Vice
  2. Semana
  3. GenBeta
  4. FredZone
  6. TekCrispy
  7. Informe Brasil
  8. MrStudent
  9. SiecleDigitale
  10. JustGeek
  11. PHD- Week in Digital
  12. The Hustle
  13. LaRepublica
  14. #1 on Hacker News

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