Avoid pointless meetings,
Fake a bad connection on Zoom

"So many people spend their working lives doing jobs they think are unnecessary"

-David Graeber

Anthropologist / Author: Bullshit Jobs

February 12, 1961 – September 2, 2020 RIP

Bufferi.ng helps you fake a bad connection on Zoom.

Suffering from Zoom fatigue?

Sick of meetings, get togethers and conferences?

Boss asked a difficult question on video chat?

Bufferi.ng gives you a simple way to stutter your webcam and distort the sound.

Take back Control of Zoom

P.s it works on MS teams, Skype and anything else that uses your computer's webcam

The passive aggressive fightback starts here

bad connection on zoom fake a bad connection on Zoom David Graeber with a microphone Zoom Fatigue

The idea for bufferi.ng came at the start of the Coronavirus lockdown. A growing malaise from endless meetings, online chats and get-togethers coupled with the poor state of video chat software was hampering wfh.

Check it out here

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  1. The Sun
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  3. Essential Apple Podcast 206:
  4. Les Echos
  5. Komando
  6. Daily Mail
  7. T3
  8. SiecleDigital
  9. EL PAÍS
  10. Product Hunt Newsletter (twice)
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