This Song Plants Trees

Plant trees while you listen to Spotify.
The World's 1st mp-🌳

World's 1st mp-🌳

- Plant trees while listening to Spotify

Easy as 1-2-🌳

Streaming this song magically plants trees

Everytime you listen to a song on a streaming service it earns a tiny bit of cash for it's creator. We made a 31 second audio clip where all the revenue goes to planting trees It's the world's first MP-Tree Around ~100 streams makes enough money to plant one tree. So add this song to every playlist you can and offset your music streaming. Let's plant a forest.

Many thanks to actor David Wayman for recording the voiceover

Check it out here →

Featured in:

  1. Corriere della Sera
  2. The Hustle 1 2
  3. Positive News Magazine
  4. A Journal of Musical Things
  5. B3ta Newsletter
  6. Security Boulevard
  7. Ecologic Navigglio
  8. Popbitch
  9. Prashant Bagga
  10. Ninja Marketing
  11. Excuses and Half Truths
  12. Jay Kapoor (Instagram)
  13. Web Curios

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